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Permettant a' l'homme d'e'voluer dans une sante' optimale tout en preservant l'environnement et animals
GrassFed Europe

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Studies have shown that online shopping may reduce carbon dioxide emissions by as much as 35 percent compared to traditional retail shopping.

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Environmental Statement

We are committed to environmental protection. Our environmental vision is to deliver a greener and healthier environment for the generations to come.


Completely paperless business processes
Quotes, proposals and invoices are submitted only in electronic format. Customer orders are accepted, processed and maintained through our online payment system.  Any communication with our stake holders is done electronically so that the use of paper is reduced to the minimum. When we need to use paper such as in packing slips we use small formats and print on recyclable paper.

We introduce eco-friendly practices
We use technology to introduce eco-friendly practices within our all our operations. Even our banking operations are done fully electronically with no paperwork. Agreements are concluded verbally and through email. We only receive bills and invoices electronically and our fax is paperless. We do not require employees to commute or power up office space but rely on an intricately organized virtual business system.

We choose eco-friendly materials
We use avantgaurd organic materials, even it they are more costly, to create the isothermal environment for our fresh goods. Our boxes and packing tape are always made from recyclable materials.

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Biggeer steps - smaller footprints


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carne senza glutine
GrassFed Europe a été fondé en 2012 grâce à la demande motivée de l'intention des consommateurs
européens sur l'amélioration de leur santé

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