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Benefici della Carne Grass fed, Ad erba (al pascolo)

Scottish Highland
carne allevato a pascolo

Scottish Highland have a thick fur coat to maintain their body temperature in harsh climates. Thanks to this coat, Highland cattle do not develop a thick layer of body fat and produce more lean meat.

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Alfalfa is rich in protein and minerals and may contain too much calcium. Commonly planted with a mix of timothy or orchardgrass.

TrefoilBirds foot trefoil:
Extremely high nutrional value, due to low condensed tannin (CT) content which helps prevent bloat and results in very good protein utilisation by ruminants. Other possible benefits of CT in birdsfoot trefoil include reduced incidence of internal parasites, fewer dags, and less flystrike (not all proven conclusively).

Is not as high in protein as alfalfa and has good mineral content (without excessive calcium).

GramignaGramigna: (couch grass)
An overpowering plant that tends to invade fields but is very nutritious for horses and cattle. The roots of couch grass have a sugary flavour to some extent resembling that of liquorice.

Sainfoin is a non-bloating legume that has nitrogen fixation capabilities and can be used in a forage mixture. Sainfoin also is extremely palatable and nutritious for all classes of livestock and wildlife. Livestock actually prefer sainfoin even when other plants species are readily available.

Perennial ryegrass grows best in cool, moist climates. The crop grows well in early spring and fall, but during the hot summer months it becomes dormant. It is short-lived despite its name and is of high nutritional value.

SwitchgrassSwitch grass:
Switchgrass is a warm-season perennial grass. The nutrient content of this forage can be as high as 16-17 percent crude protein, if harvested correctly.

(ribwort) High nutritional value, although not reaching quite the same levels as chicory. Plantain contains higher levels of calcium, magnesium, sodium, phosphorus, zinc, copper and cobalt than typical ryegrass/white clover pasture. Contains condensed tannins, at 0.4 - 1.0% of dry matter. Also possesses antimicrobial properties which can reduce the incidence of bloat, and lead to altered volatile fatty acid composition in the rumen which is thought to improve animal productivity and milk composition.

Meadow fescueMeadow fescue:
forage quality is comparable to perennial rye though it is less grazing tolerant.


Diet has a profound effect on the health of an animal and the meat it produces.

Why settle for organic meat when you can have better?

Meat from animals fed exclusively grass is nutritionally superior.
Consumers have been led to believe that organic meat has some kind of nutritional advantage. In other words, it's not important what an animal eats as long as it's organic. This is not true.

Many farmers claim their cattle are pasture fed and many usually are.

So what’s the hype?
Grass-fed is not enough. It’s important that the cattle are not only grass-fed and raised but grass finished as well.  This phase, which lasts 3 to 4 months before butchering, is probably the most crucial of all. A mere 3 months of grain feeding without grass dramatically changes the nutritional profile of the meat.
Take a look at a comparison of the change in (Omega-3 content of cattle fed grains in the finishing phase)

An analysis of the effect of grain- or grass- finishing systems on the nutritional composition of beef, particularly comparing lean meat from grain- and grass- fed animals, revealed that grass-fed product had:

  • Increased moisture content
  • Decreased total lipid content by 43%
  • 288% greater vitamin E content
  • 54% greater b-carotene content
  • Twice as much riboflavin
  • Three times as much thiamin
  • 30% more calcium
  • 5% more magnesium
  • Roughly the same amount of omega-6 PUFA
  • Three times the omega-3 PUFA

Most of the above data is from the book Why Grassfed Is Best! The Surprising Benefits of Grassfed Meats, Eggs, and Dairy Products by best selling author, Jo Robinson. Other data comes from the website eatwild.com

You can visit NY Times best selling author  Jo Robinson's website to obtain extensive information on grassfed meat.

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